TVT to showcase its latest AI Technologies at ISC 2019


ISC as the largest converged security industry trade show in the U.S, which brings a high-quality exhibition for the security industry that integrates new products, new technologies and new trends. TVT as the as a well-known manufacture in CCTV industrythis time will show market-leading products, solutions, and services across various industries and scenarios. There will be interactive areas for visitors to immerse themselves in an Artificial Intelligence experience and feel the benefits of AI technology.

Smart retail solution


TVT will show AI industry solutions for vertical markets and applications. For example, Smart Retail Solution enables retailers to get a clear understanding of their business’s status using intelligent cameras, NVRs, and the video management system that is very suitable and cost-effective for small business or quick project. there will be a Gate brake at the booth, Visitors will also be able to feel the benefits of AI technology.


A3 series camera


The exhibition will showcase the A3 camera which is equipped with cutting-edge algorithmic techniques and new sensor that improves the quality of its images, and accuracy of face capture. And it also demonstrating show LPR recognizes vehicle license plates to manage roadway traffic and parking areas. And the Alert IPC, using Infrared night vision monitoring, white light flashing alarm, easy-to-view images and recordings when motion occurs.


E3 series camera


Compared to the E2 series cameras, The newly released E3 series cameras equipped with starlight Sensorretains full-color images and more detail in the night and easily detects motion and triggers white light alarms for security, with the improved features like face recognition, structuring, smart alert, etc. It also supports three streams, and H.265 smart coding, which can reduce 30% bitrate compared to H.265+.

For more details, welcome to visit our booth to join us.








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этот проект??находится в стадии строительства?...?

D? án ?ang ???c xay d?ng..

澳门住宿贵不贵网上娱乐场:Warm Hint:

The project is under construction...

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